Christina Pettersson

3”Reality is not simply the world as it exists outside our minds but the product of the imagination as it shapes the world.

They have been here forever, exposing all that has disappeared, ghosts of the stories that might have been. This is the nature of isolation. What we can know of our own lives is in fact as limited as what we know of the world’s past. As one grows older, fragments of memory condense, like single lines of poetry, and an ever-narrowing frame of reference seeks to explain ever-widening gaps. Amputated remembrances become isolated, the rare artifacts of a life. Yet the body itself, being the first and final object, continues to radiate in the mind’s eye, like a magic lamp. In the end this work achieves what memory and the body cannot, a kind of immortality.”  Christina

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Barbara Tosatto: Theatrical Paintings Hint at Mythological

Barbara Tosatto ThemesSwiss painter Barbara Tosatto’s work takes cues from the storied and symbolic. Most of her pieces focus on a solitary figure, transplanted in some vacant background, isolated from indicators of time or setting. These figures are human, but disrupted — bound in sheets and gauzy veils, or weighed down with ropes or chains. With titles like “The Tyranny of Doubt” or “The Truce” it’s hard not to see the pieces as portraits of mythological characters, embodying some archetypal human ability or curse. Mostly depicted with their faces obscured, or contorted from some type of bondage, the figures’ entrapment seems more tragic in their desolate surroundings, offering no alternative to the struggle. But their situation is still somehow noble, if seen as shouldering the weight of humanity’s conditions.

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so I photographed some sharks

most of these pictures were taken from an aerial view of the ocean from the side of a boat (as opposed to the glass floor) - that’s how clear the water in Freeport was

remember when i took these rad pictures of sharks

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Nikolaus Gansterer: Thinking Matters

The solo exhibition “Thinking Matters” — which represents another step in Nikolaus Gansterer’s visual research — explores in detail the relationship between drawing, thought and action. His work is a true example of interdisciplinary studies; it is the result of a close confrontation between socio-humanistic, scientific and artistic disciplines from which the artist takes single methodologies and applies to these his unique, higly personal artistic language. The result of this work is an installation which occupies the entire space: the work is composed of autonomous elements which, contemporaneously, are tiles of a vaster mosaic which the artist has developed specially for the gallery space.

Gallery Marie-Laure Fleisch

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The girlfriend experience

> Any man who has ever had a girlfriend can attest to this.

> This is just too good. Animation, adorableness, substance. I really hope there are more of these.

It’s too adorable not to reblog again.

This is my roommate and his boyfriend. All the freaking way.

So this happened to me and my girlfriend except in the end I’m in the bathroom going, no no I’m fine just go away, stifling a bleeding nose

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